Synergy Single Basket 2-Diver Launch & Recovery System

Ordering Code: 2DLARS

The design parameters of the Synergy launch & recovery system enable the fabrication and installation of extremely portable compact LAR system. This enables maximum utilization of space onboard the diving vessel or barge, as space is a premium to all vessels. The footprint of the LAR system is designed in such a way that the complete unit would easily fit a 20ft standard ISO shipping container, thus reducing shipping costs and providing ease of transportation.

The LAR system typically consists of an A-frame complete with base, 2 x hydraulic winch (main and guide winch), two independent power packs, one for each winch thus ensuring full redundancy option, in case of failure of one winch, then the second unit will provide the necessary back-up. A diving basket fitted with 50ltr cylinders (one for each diver) for emergency bailout supply complete with first and second stage regulators to supply air to divers in the case of loss of surface supply.


  • Breathing air cylinders (50ltr, 200 bar) with 1st & 2nd stage regulators & whips (one per diver)
  • Electric hydraulic power-pack with twin motors and pumps
  • Oil reservoir (200ltr capacity) (Single tank divided into 100ltr per pump via a partition)
  • Clump weight 300 kg
  • Man-riding winches certified by manufacture and test witnessed by DNV-GL
  • Certified wire ropes for winches
  • IMCA D023 & D018 compliant certification
  • FMEA for LAR
  • Bureau Veritas test witness certification for LAR System