Synergy Duel Basket 3-Diver Launch & Recovery System

Ordering Code: 3D-LARS

Synergy’s Duel Basket Launch & Recovery System has been specifically designed to give a compact operating footprint to minimize the deck space required onboard the vessel or barge. on of space onboard the diving vessel or barge, as space is a premium to all vessels and for ease of mobilization and de-mobilization, so that costs are kept to a minimum.

The LAR system folds down in order that it will fit into a standard 20ft ISO Shipping Container, thus expensive shipping costs for out of gauge size goods are avoided.  This also allows for safe storage and protection of the LARS from the elements when the equipment is not required operationally.

The main components of the LAR system consist of a base skid with A-frame, Primary Two-Diver Dive Basket with clump weight, and a Secondary Basket with clump weight for the Standby diver. 4 x man-riding winches and electric Hydraulic Power pack consisting of the hydraulic oil tank and three electric driven hydraulic pumps.


  • Base skid with galvanized steel grated floor for water drainage
  • A-frame launched and recovery via two hydraulic rams
  • Primary Dive Basket – 2-Diver 316L Stainless Steel
  • Secondary Dive Basket – Standby Diver – 316L Stainless Steel
  • 3 x Breathing air cylinders (50ltr, 200 bar) with 1st stage regulator & whips (one per diver)
  • Electric driven hydraulic power-pack with triple motors and pumps
  • Oil reservoir (270ltr capacity) (Single tank split into two sections of capacity 170ltr & 100ltr)
  • Independent clump weight for each basket
  • Man-riding winches certified by manufacture and test witnessed by DNV GL
  • Certified wire ropes for winches
  • IMCA D023 & D018 compliant certification
  • FMEA for Twin LARS
  • Bureau Veritas test witness certification for LAR System