Product information

The taps are made of hot-stamped brass; it is subsequently protected by two layers of electro-galvanic coating with a thickness greater than 10 microns. The internal parts are in chromed and / or nickel-plated brass, with Teflon and nitrile rubber gaskets. The knobs are large in order to be easily gripped even with gloves. The shut-off valve is traditional, on a delrin pad. The thread is of the standard type M25x2.

All versions are equipped with international bracket connection, YOKE (ISO 12209-1; 230BAR) and threaded connection DIN 200BAR (ISO 12209-2 / 3.5; 230BAR) and for the versions DIN 300 BAR (ISO 12209-2 / 3.2 ; 300BAR) for dispensers. The connection thread for the cylinder is M25x2 in accordance with the EN 144-1 standard.