C-Vision Solo – Portable 1 Diver Video Surface Control Unit         

The C-Vision Solo is a superbly engineered video system for both inshore and offshore diving operations. The system allows video monitoring and recording in one easy to operate unit. The core of the C-Vision Solo system is the portable surface control unit, which incorporates video and variable light controls for a diver’s camera and light operated through a waterproof keyboard built into a rugged case. The C-Vision Solo is equipped with a 12.1″ daytime viewing screen which offers excellent images of underwater operations. Advanced controls include video overlay and positioning, data outputs (LAN, Audio In, USB) and volume controls.

C-Tecnics Dive Station software is a uniquely developed software package designed with diving operations and video compression in mind, run in conjunction with Microsoft Windows 10. Text overlay is adjustable to meet your needs and includes diver’s name, locations and time stamps. File compression is adjustable which will allow between 150 hours to 3000 hours of video recording onto the internal 500GB hard drive.