AMCOM III 2830R-01


AMCOM III 2830R-01 Three-Diver Rack Mount Communicator

Ordering Code: 2830R-01

The AMCOM™ III 2830R-01 Three-Diver Rack Communicator features separate channels and volume controls for each diver and the tender so that uplink and downlink paths can be customized for varying equipment configurations and individual comfort levels.

The newest version of the AMCOM™ III Rack Mount Communicator has the same versatile user-interface and great sound quality as its predecessor with several new digital enhancements: (1) High-Audio Fidelity; (2) Extended Battery Operation; (3) Flexible Gain Settings; (4) Ultra-Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI); and (5) Audio In/Out Connections.  The Overview tab outlines the many outstanding features that continue to make this model the most popular and powerful communicator on the market today.